Thursday, July 11, 2013

7.11.13 Trans "women" and Mansplaining

One of the things I repeatedly encounter with trans "women" is that they have a tendency to mansplain quite often.  They toss around such basic concepts as patriarchy but often don't even mention issues that affect females.  They often don't do shit for abortion rights because a lot of them would love nothing more than to give birth to their own children.  They don't give a shit about how costly it is to have a monthly period because they have "menstrual cycles too."

I really wish I was making this shit up.  But, you see, unlike trans proponents, I am hugely uncomfortable making shit up as it entails complete dishonesty.

So yes, patriarchy gets mentioned a lot by trans "women" as being a problem.  Sexual assault gets mentioned too, but these two topics are only mentioned within the capacity that they affect trans "women" the worst.  Therefore trans "women" should be ultimately prioritized above the needs of actual females.

I have mentioned before in another post that radical feminists realize intersectionality because anything that men deems as inferior IS inferior within patriarchy.  So, if groups of men fight hard enough against other men, then men of color, men with disabilities, gay men, and "feminine" appearing men (and trans "women") will be treated as lesser-than within their male-created systems of oppression.  Men constantly fight over their turfs and their "right" to further oppress everyone else who isn't white, abled, gender conforming, christian, heterosexual, and wealthy.

But the fact of the matter is that men will always trump women, no matter their standing in life. This is why we see men with disabilities buying prostitutes because they think they are entitled to sex.  This is why we see men of color (finally) getting more representation in positions of power, but hardly any women at all.  This is why we see that the push for gay rights is largely based around gay males because they were angry at being treated as "women."

What bothers me is when trans women consistently attempt to explain concepts to me that I am already well aware of and think I'm just some ditzy bimbo who doesn't understand how this all feeds into itself.  But if you strip away racism, classism, heterosexism, phobia of gender nonconformity, etc, you find one single common denominator in patriarchy.



Born males.

And their needs will always trump the needs of actual honest born females.

It's a man's world.  Even if that man is a "woman."

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Unknown said...

I see this is older, but wanted to thank you for writing this. It seems people are no longer allowed to be feminists unless they are okay with trans women dictating to us what that means and how it will be from now on.