Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7.18.13 Chaz Bono's Shirtless Photo Is All The Evidence We Need Of His Incredible Weight Loss

Even as a "man" Chaz Bono STILL cannot escape the typical patriarchal female treatment in the media of weight loss. And I will keep saying this until I am blue in the face, but WHEN WILL WOMYN BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THE FREEDOM TO GO TOPLESS? Maybe when men stop being so rapey???? Why must *transition* be the only way a born-female can do this?

Further, even IF womyn COULD be topless and not have to worry about being gawked at and taken advantage of all the time, can you IMAGINE the bullshit a womon would be going through if she was Chaz' current size and topless? Can you imagine if a female celebrity wasn't even topless, but simply in a bikini being Chaz' size? I know EXACTLY what would happen! They'd have crappy paparazzi photos in the tabloids and a bunch of people at grocery checkout lines would say things like "what a fat cow" "ew she needs to cover that shit up" "I'd tap that" "I'd NEVER tap that" "Jenny Craig, bitch" and ON AND ON.

Trans* culture is full of the same patriarchal gender binarist junk that radical feminism seeks to TEAR DOWN. This is one of many reasons I left the cult.

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Anonymous said...

Because they were cut off and surgically trimmed down to size, Ms. Chaz Bono probably can't feel her nipples. In FTM "top surgery", the nipples and areolas are often cut off, surgically resized, and then sewn back on after the elective mastectomy. Loss of sensation to the nipple and areola is common. FTM "top surgery" basically amounts to elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples. Once in awhile the nipple graft doesn't take and a nipple falls off.

This is what FTM "top surgery" entails. When I first saw this video, my initial gut reaction was that I was witnessing a form of violence being carried out on the female sex.