Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7.17.13 lesbians are sexist

I guess, apparently lesbians are sexist. I came to this conclusion because the minute I say something like "men: stop making violent messes everywhere so that lesbians don't have to keep cleaning up after you" I am deemed a sexist.

It's the TRUTH though. A man does something violent and women (overwhelmingly lesbians) are there to clean up the mess by comforting the survivors and helping them heal. Men destroy nature with their corporations and environmental movements headed largely by women have to conserve nature and establish boundaries on behalf of nature. 

Lesbianism isn't JUST about preferring female genitals to male genitals. Often it is about preferring the company and culture of WOMEN to the company and culture of MEN. 

Men say they wouldn't want us anyway. 

The truth is we don't really want them. Especially not with that attitude. Especially not within a patriarchy.

Some men see this as reverse-sexist. Why? Because it is a direct threat TO the patriarchy. 

I might be prejudiced against men. I might be biased in favor of women instead of men. This does NOT mean I am sexist against men. Sexism is prejudice + power no matter what anyone else says. I do not believe in reverse sexism any more than I believe in reverse racism, reverse ageism, reverse classism etc. If you really think poor people can be reverse classist against the rich, or people of color have the institutional power to be reverse racist against white people, or that children can be reverse ageist against adults, I feel VERY sorry for you and the ideological world that you live in. A world that I'm guessing involves this: "poor me, I am a hetero white dude and people of marginalized groups say mean things about me therefore they are sexist/racist/etc."

If you're part of a marginalized group, and women ARE marginalized despite the fact that we are half the population, you have every right to be "ist" toward your oppressors. Whether those oppressors are men, hetero, white, abled, etc.

You have a right to your prejudices.

Hell, our prejudices might be the only way we ever end up accomplishing anything because we end up questioning the status quo at every possible turn.

So, keep being a metaphorical thorn in men's sides, women. Keep doing this until they back down or they prove us right by reacting violently against us.

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