Monday, July 8, 2013

My first critique

My first critique! How cool is this?

To be completely honest, I've gotten a very similar argument over and over again ever since I decided to de-transition.  Given the content of this comment, I'm going to grasp out into the dark here and assume that a woman or an FtT wrote this to me, as this is the argument I have consistently gotten from FtTs and female-bodied genderbenders.

If I'm wrong, that's okay too.

Needless to say, the (very western - reeking of heavy individualism) argument I keep getting here, which can be summarized as "this was your mistake, your shameful decision, shut up and make me a sandwich and stop trying to generalize" is getting very tired.  It's about as tired as I get after working 60 hour weeks.  And that's saying a lot because I get so tired, I often dream of having naps (while I am asleep!)

You see, the problem here is that this commenter thinks I actually give an honest hoot as to what sexist "brain sex theory" has to say.  You think I am actually going to legitimately buy into the concept that men and women have two separate brains?!  There are people who think we only use 10% of our brains.  I tend to use my whole brain.  I am going to use all 100% of my brain here in saying that to make the claim that men and women have two different brains is entirely, irrevocably sexist.  Say it with me: SEXIST.  Not to mention how the "studies" that demonstrate brain sex theory have limited test subjects (I am a sociologist. Exactly what do you take me for? I know how research works.  You CANNOT generalize such a limited pool to an entire population of people). Additionally, brain sex theory only demonstrates the differences of brains *while on hormones.*  Let me tell you firsthand, hormones are pretty powerful shit.  But hormones do not mean that men's and women's actual BRAINS are inherently different.  To claim that, is to begin bringing us down a very slippery slope (a slippery slope that males, as a privileged class would readily take advantage of).

The difference between gender and brain sex is.....


Because they are both bullshit concepts! Full stop.

But since you seem to be very wise and know more about me in terms of gender being anything other than a patriarchal hierarchy, I suppose you have colored me baffled.  Time to take my shit and go home!

You seem to think that gender is in any way helpful.  Gender has kept women as second-class citizens since the dawn of patriarchy thousands of years ago.  I know that this is difficult for you to chew on.  It was difficult for me to face that reality too.

As for me changing my opinion so drastically...guess what? I had NO idea radical feminism even existed as a body of theory, nor was I even aware that this theory was responsible for second-wave feminism until last year. I figure that the censorship at my university, online, in the media, even within so-called "feminist" circles is no accident.  People don't want others to know that radical feminism is a legitimate theoretical body, because if people did, they'd get pissed off.  They'd stop being consumers of porn, of plastic surgery, of the beauty industry, people would stop spending billions of dollars annually on things that wealthy men say that people somehow "need" in order to have worth.

I would like to implore people reading this blog who do not like the things I have to say:

1. If you keep coming back here, it says more about you questioning yourself than it does about me. Why waste your time on a lesbian feminist space?

2. If you must waste your time (even though there are other activities more worthy of your time, really!) then please, pretty please, come up with some new arguments that I haven't already heard before.  The rape and death/violence threats from MtTs and the "don't air your dirty laundry" from FtTs is getting old and if I keep seeing more of these repetitive arguments, they will be going straight to the trash.

Thank you. Now get back to productivity, women! :)


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. It took me a while to come around when I first discovered radical feminism because it was so different from what I already believed, but it makes complete sense. Brain sex theory is fucking bullshit sexist pseudoscience. I can't stand when people pull that card, not only when referring to trans* people, but when trying to justify sexism! "Oh, men are simply more biologically inclined to like math. The lack of women in math has nothing to do with social conditioning. There is no such thing as social conditioning. Boys ~innately~ like blue and girls like pink. It's just basic science. Duh."

Anonymous said...


dokutou-mekki said...

Aw, the old brain-sex hypothesis! I can't believe it's the 2010s and people still believe in it. Male scientists have been trying to prove that women are "naturally" inferior to men for quite a while and all they've got is a shaky hypothesis and some shaky science. I was reading a Popular Science magazine that stated that many of these studies are shaky and that men and women are socially conditioned try and perform well at certain tasks. Working in a STEM field is encouraged for men and a lot of times women within STEM are steered into lower-paying teaching jobs, instead of that nice industrial lab job that pays a lot of money. Similarly, that whole thing about women being good multi-taskers? A lot of women work office jobs were that skill is important. Social conditioning is important. Plus, you can't just look at a brain and easily say what the sex of the person is, like you can with skeletons. There's too much overlap.

My brain does not have an innate gender identity and neither does yours. (And how can gender identity be innate if gender varies from culture to culture? That should tell you it is a social construction.)

As a scientist, I say we chuck this shaky hypothesis back to the 1950s where it belongs! Speaking of that, I am a woman with a STEM degree. Does that mean my brain is male? What about my brother? He's terrible at math and science; does he have a female brain? It does sound ridiculous when you put it like that.