Sunday, August 18, 2013

8.18.13 As males you should know

Just because you are male, does not mean you need to buy into the lies we are told about what is male behavior. There is nothing you need to do or not do to be a “man” but your natural aging process.

If you want to be a man that wears a dress, and has long hair you can, but that doesn't make you female. 

As a female it is offensive to read mtf passing guides telling young boys what they need to do in order to be seen as women. It re-enforces old stereotypes and behaviors, and pretty much tells women that if they don’t do that then they should not be happy with themselves and are not woman enough. 

No amount of surgery or hormones can change your sex, was her turning point. She was being sold on an idea of perfection that she was not going to get. If you look at trans conferences they are sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies, plastic surgeon, and porn companies. None of those have your best interests at mind and are selling you the idea that you are not man or woman enough, that your body is not right, and that you need their services because if you don’t you will kill yourself.

None of these conferences tell you that the suicide rate of post-transition is still high, or that people do de-transition. I know I have sat through them and was told, “The data was not collected”, or “the costs outweigh the risks”. Bullshit, you are playing with peoples minds and health to get their money, then telling them they are wrong when they are still depressed they don’t reach this ideal that you sold them.

This system that we have is not sustainable, patriarchal capitalism has destroyed this planet, and unless people stand up and say this is not okay, nothing is going to change. One thing that mra’s seem to forget is that feminists do not say that patriarchy benefits all men, because clearly you are an example of someone who has not. What it does is tells us that to be a man you need to be xyz and to be a woman you need to do xyz and it does that to keep those in power in control.

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