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8.23.13 Dedications

I had recently sought donations to get a local stalker served with a restraining order.  Because of the hard work of a friend of mine who is a PI and process server, the amount I ended up needing was a LOT less than I originally would have needed, and the people who donated covered ALL sheriffs fees.  This post is to thank those who donated.  I'm signal boosting a few of their blogs/causes and I wrote each of them a poem in tribute.  Donators are identified only by their initials.

1. Signal boost and Poem for G.B. 

GB runs a blog that can be found HERE.  She asked me if Star Trek would inspire me, and inspire it did.

"Patriarchy: The Feminist Frontier"

Patriarchy, the feminist frontier
these are the voyages of
the star ship "Intersectional."
It's ongoing mission:
to expose the inner workings of the oppressive class,
to seek out our sisters and join forces,
to boldly overthrow what no woman has overthrown before.

"Captains log, Stardate 3845.2
Women appear to be losing this battle.
The planet known as Earth
nearly uninhabitable.
My mission is clear.
We must begin mandatory evac. of female survivors and their children."

I am Captain Karen.
I come from a line of descendants
of unknown origin
Their records were all destroyed
in a battle of dominion

I share a kinship
with the female species
as it is clear they are erased
as much as my kind vanished
a trace

Not only in our travels have we discovered
various life forms
But we have also found other planets of humans.

I escaped my planet
before the catastrophe
my wife was an inventor
with ties to space exploration

Dr. Rojas, the on-board physician,
was part of a research team that created a way
to merge female eggs
creating female offspring
Dr. Rojas had escaped too.

As our destination nears
I radio Lieutenant Pierce
to ask about correspondence with the inhabitants

"Yes Captain, the last message reads: 'situation dire. Millions lost. Millions more starving. Awaiting rescue fleet.'"

"Thank you Lieutenant." I press another button
and am patched through to first officer Sammy.

"Sammy, please report to the bridge."

"I will be there shortly, Captain."

Moments later, Sammy appears
on the deck, looking worn.
"Instructions for me, Captain?"
"Not this time, more a question.
How do we comfort inhabitants war torn?"

Sammy stands silent, then says
"We will know when the time comes."

Our vessel fast approaching
I lean back
I hoped to see a vast blue orb
but it was grey, brown, and black.

Until the next time, fellow voyager.
Karen out.

2. Signal boost and poem for AM

AM didn't specifically have a blog or cause for me to promote, so I spent a lot of time fleshing out a poem in Villanelle style, which to me ranks in difficulty with sonnets.

"Photographic Memory"

Your creative spirit so obviously grows
in places you've not seen before
you seize the radiance of life in photos

The essence of time slows
in far off places you ought to explore
your creative spirit so obviously grows

"Freeze the scene before its gone" you suppose
places only dreamed about in lore
you seize the radiance of life in photos

The bright city light shimmers and glows
energy illuminated at the core
your creative spirit so obviously grows

Leaves, branches, and water flows
with tranquil abandon that we adore
you seize the spirit of life in photos

Nature and industry with their endless shows
you've seen plenty and yearn for more
your creative spirit so obviously grows
you seize the radiance of life in photos

3. Signal boost and poem for LB

LB does a lot of activism around women in the military.  She requested that I advise any women who is currently serving in our forces to seek help in the case of sexual assault.  Her project is here:

Because of the nature of her activism, I decided to write this poem for the women who are serving.

The Struggle

I may not agree with the directions
of the government that stifles connections
But you are my sisters, my kin
one day we will overcome the delusions

of power, greed, and discipline
The bravery and strength from within
springs forth from herstory long abandoned
yet you must keep up your chin

You women in uniform, your bonds are banded
chained to the same corruption that leaves us stranded
The horrors daily that you face
I can't imagine; life taken for granted

When you come home, will I see it in your face?
The terror, the anguish, the vast open space
of innocence long stolen from you?
Spread your wings and soar far from the place.

After all is done, these words are long due.
Please, know what I say is true.
You are cherished, cared for, and loved
and like the soldiers that you are, make it, pull through.

4. Signal boost and poem for PM

PM runs the Lesbian Caucus blog and dedicates her energy towards helping raise discussion and action towards lesbian-centric issues.  


Love brings us closer together
Eagerness to lend a helping hand
Solidarity is our calling card
Bravery against those who oppress
Interdependence keeps us connected
Action keeps us moving
Necessary are lesbians for they
Imagine a better world for us
Sisterhood means so much to us
Memorable is the culture we're creating

Thank you, once again, for helping me deal with my life as I know it.  You cannot imagine how grateful I am that you all had a hand in helping make my home and community a safer place for my girlfriend and myself.

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