Monday, August 5, 2013

8.5.13 Misogynist and Lesbophobic trans "activist" speaking at National Conference

Some of you might remember a young man named Qaiel/Kyle Peltier.  If not, here is a rundown from twitter last year.

If anything tells you about this person's involvement in feminism this exchange with Terri Strange sums it up nicely. 

Yet, this upcoming week he is speaking at a national conference:

TRANSforming Organizations: Empowering Organizations to Support Trans and Genderqueer Youth

Rochelle TrochtenbergYouth OrganizerJulie FreitasSupervising Mental Health ClinicianQaiel Peltier,Youth Partner; Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Division, Eureka, CA
Join a fun, interactive workshop developed by queer youth leaders, designed to prepare participants to create safe, inclusive spaces for TRANS and gender-nonconforming youth. Topics covered include: appropriate terminology, addressing TRANS erasure, and identifying/preventing stigma and discrimination. Humboldt County’s system of care will share tips on supporting accessibility from a rural, integrated, mental health TAY program.

He's a blond able-bodied middle-class white man. I don't really see how he "fits in" at an intersectional feminist conference, except maybe to talk about how he's trans because he's not hypermasculine and he's revolutionary because he's polyamorous and "has at least one orgasm a day" (which he makes sure we all know via his facebook about section).

He has bullied women for not living up to his standards of sexual promiscuity, and has assaulted at least 2 women. He has belittled those same women for their interest in feminism. 
His  intersectional feminism does not include radical feminism and is trans-women focused instead. As a de-transitioned woman, this is not the advice I would have needed. Obviously, regarding  gender-nonconforming youth I would prefer to see a butch lesbian speak. 

If people like Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivey are losing their platforms to speak, we need to push back when people like Qaiel are given the stage. His politics are detrimental to youth and he should not be in the position he is. 

I urge people to email the conference organizers ( ), and express their own thoughts on his speaking.  Here is a sample of what I sent:


I am writing to you today as a concerned feminist activist. It has been brought to my attention that you have booked a speaker wh
o is lesbophobic and misogynistic. His name is Qaiel/Kyle Peltier. As such, I do not feel that his topic of intersectional feminism is a platform that is appropriate for him. Members of oppressed groups have the right to speak as members of that oppressed group and every time a man takes the podium, he is taking that precious speaking arena away from those most affected by patriarchy (meaning women, lesbians, women of color, women with disabilities, etc). The only thing that is remotely intersectional about Qaiel's politics is his ability to say "trans women are women" while completely trampling on the valid needs and concerns of females as a human sex. This approach makes spaces more comfortable and accessible for born males, but doesn't address the need for women to have our own safe spaces to autonomously gather and express our own needs as women. Mr. Peltier has gone on rampages against Roseanne Barr and activists Cathy Brennan and Lierre Keith in the past. His involvement with queer politics has nothing to do with feminism and in fact his combative nature and overt sexual deviancy is in fact triggering to many feminist activists. 

I respectfully ask that you re-consider any future bookings of Mr. Peltier. Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Heath, what happened to you? When you were a friend on my Facebook I thought of you as the most amazing person. Now this? Stop blaming us for your apparent bad choice in transitioning. I am disgusted at you now. I can't believe it. Was that not you I was friends with?

Heath Atom Russell said...

If this anon is who I think it is then I will say we were not friends. You were one of the first people to cut me off after detransition, and only spoke to me to point out I was wrong. I do not blame my detransition on anyone else, but I am pointing out systems that lead children to transition. This is child abuse.

Anonymous said...

This is especially funny. Did you know that the other two presenters are lesbians? One of them is butch too. Someone should tell them their co-worker they love to work with is a lesbophobe.

Heath Atom Russell said...

A rabid misogynist like him has no business preaching social justice to anyone, and I know, it is surprising to know once you meet him that he is so lesbophobic.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous how about you stop harassing women now. Heath is not a lesbophobe. SHE IS A LESBIAN. Yeah, difference.

And you mean that she is a lesbophobe because she knows penis is not female, then this is a misuse of the word lesbophobe. A man cannot be a lesbian. Knowing biology is not a phobia. Being angry and freaking out when people know biology is closer to what a phobia would look like.

Men pretending to be women and invading women's spaces while spreading misinformation is appalling. I really hope you're a dude, anonymous, because a woman being this wrapped up in the latest male delusion would be too depressing to think of on a Saturday morning.