Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9.24.13 When "identity politics" trump misogyny

People who excuse misogyny by saying "oh it's okay for him to say 'bitches' because he identifies as female sometimes" need a long lesson in what misogyny is. If a woman uses derogatory language to refer to herself or other women, she is participating in her own oppression. Likely you would tell her this, right?


So, why is it okay for men to be derogatory towards women simply because they "identify" as women? If their far-fetched identity politics held any water and they are in fact women (they're not) then hypothetically they would be participating in their own oppression, right? Just like when men try to appropriate words like "cunt" to describe their penises/sphincters (I'm looking at you, local dude). It's not okay with me for these men to say these things (appropriation of womanhood aside). It likewise shouldn't be okay with queer theorists either. Unless, of course, they are misogynists or have internalized a great deal of misogyny themselves (if they're female).

Call out misogyny - regardless of WHO is saying it or how they supposedly "identify." Misogyny is everyone's problem, and men will often do anything to get away with it.

Please note that I have, on more than one occasion, referred to myself as an "evil lesbian/feminist bitch" solely tongue-in-cheek, dripping with sarcasm, because these are the insults hurled at me when I speak up.  This is NOT me trying to "reclaim slurs."  This is me demonstrating the kinds of vile things that are said about me.

Friday, September 20, 2013

9.20.13 Queer Theory is Illogical

Some questions, rhetorical or not, that have been itching at my brain lately:

1. Why is it that queer theorists believe in such outdated gender roles for people?
2. Why do they consistently reinforce the gender binary by saying "these are feminine traits/behaviors/appearances" and ditto for "masculine?"
3. Why do they believe in prioritizing male born people above all others? Especially females and lesbians?
4. Why can't they all recognize gender/ID politics for what it really is? Which is to say, a cult?
5. Why do women sweep the actions of men under the rug, or even go so far as to defend certain men, just because said men are "gender non-conforming?" They're still men, and they're still predators.
6. Butch and Femme are labels for lesbian females. Why are women (and men!) trying to appropriate these labels and simultaneously erase actual lesbians in the process? You are cheapening our culture by making our words meaningless. Stop it! Cut the bullshit!
7. Why is it that mainstream, even politically conservative women and non-feminist women understand that males are males, females are females, and people with intersex conditions are people with intersex conditions, but queer theorists cannot do this? Or worse, queer theorists appropriate and try to conflate intersex conditions with trans delusions?
8. Why won't queer theorists live in reality with the rest of us all and acknowledge oppression as male oppression?
9. Why is it "exclusive" for a female lesbian to only be attracted to other female lesbians, and therefore lesbian becomes a dirty "excluding" word, but born males are allowed to appropriate the word "lesbian" and only prefer actual females, and women are supposed to sit back and accept this or be labeled "transphobic" for not wanting to sleep with men???
10. Why has feminism gotten such a backlash and why do women sit back and support this backlash?
11. Why are my actions and politics supposedly more "toxic" than the ignoring  the safety and well-being of women as queer theorists tend to do?

You are not a friend to females if you honestly keep supporting this shit. I am dead serious.

So, what have we learned today?

Grow up, get real, live in reality, and when you finally have the courage to join other women in the fight to dismantle patriarchy as a class instead of reinforcing it through identity politics, feel free to get back to me.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9.18.2013 - Signal Boosting an Excellent Post

I apologize for the delay in a new blog post. I've just started a brand new job and am trying to learn the ropes, so I appreciate the patience of my readers as I adjust to my new schedule and way of living.  That being said, I'm simply here today to present to you a post that I noticed on facebook written by blogger "BigBooButch."


I highly recommend the rest of her blog too.  It's so unfortunate that the voices of Butches often pass us by completely under the radar, or they are silenced and bullied by trans theorists.  So please, give her your undivided attention regarding something that is deeply affecting lesbian culture.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9.10.13 - Excommunication and Radical Feminist Witch Hunt continues!

For the past year, I was a representative/member for my local Pride board. My partner was also a representative, and helped put on last years parade and festival (which I might add was a huge success with over a thousand attendees). 

Note that I say: "was." In July, my partner and I both emailed the main director and sent her our resignations. At the time, our reasons for quitting was me working 70 hour work weeks without overtime pay to support my partner and myself. For her, her reason for quitting was a pseudo brain tumor that can possibly leave her blind.

So, you still following me? We resigned back in July because I was overworked and she has a disability? Ok, glad you're following me so far.

The QQQ (Queer Qids Qlub) has decided to retaliate against us evil lesbian bitches by "resolving" the pride board issue, which frankly was "resolved" 2 months ago. You gotta do better than that, folks! 

What I find interesting about the QQQ is that their poster child that they claim to VEHEMENTLY defend fits the following (to them, hypothetical) criteria:

1. A female
2. Who is a woman of color
3. Who is a lesbian
4. Who might be gender non conforming
5. Who deals with sizeism
6. Who has a disability

My partner is all of the above EXCEPT a woman of color and our super supportive community helped her during her coming out process by essentially acting like "huh? What the fuck is a lesbian? Those still exist?"

I bet the QQQ cult must be proud at this point. Why? Well, by all means, allow me to explain! You see, the reason the pride board "had no idea any of this was going on" (any of what I might ask? What are my charges, QQQ Tribunal?) was because we kept our politics out of Humboldt Pride. We didn't bring our activism to that space. We had the board president blocked from viewing our Facebook statuses because we, unlike other queer organizations, aren't seeking a monopoly on activism. Meanwhile Qaiel Peltier is drunk on power and has a hand in QSU, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and now Humboldt Pride. Ridiculous. I'm just waiting for him to get his hands on Wheres Queerbill events if it hasn't happened already. 

Also, congratulations, cultists! Not only have you gone through an actual bonafide excommunication process with myself and Carolynn, but you've also successfully run off two lesbians from attending Pride 2013! Pride is supposed to be for lesbians too. If your queer "all inclusive" (my ass) activism is built on censorship, intimidation, excommunication, and running off lesbians, then you really ought to seriously reconsider the "inclusivity" of your actions. Either that or drop the L from LGBT since its obvious at this point that they don't actually care about lesbians. They might like the "hot" lesbians or even the lesbians who quietly sit back while this corruption happens, but queer activists really don't walk the walk.

When my girlfriend's tires got slashed and she got "dyke" keyed into her car, where was our community? Cathy Brennan offered to pay for Carolynn's tires. When I was being stalked and harassed and threatened (and still am!) by a local MtF, where were the outcries of justice for us? Good thing radical feminists actually do give a damn about women because otherwise I'd be pretty frightened and not knowing how to, or being financially able to, take action. Now, it's the Pride situation.

Which by the way, I'm not attending. Carolynn is going to be hosting a going-away party for me elsewhere during that time. You might think you've run me out of town, but an opportunity came knocking and I answered. You think you have silenced us, but this is just the beginning of some very big projects for me. Meanwhile, by all means, keep giving us publicity by punishing us!

Turns out this is a commonly used tactic with activists, religious groups, cults, etc.  But what is currently happening to us is excommunication and shunning.  This tactic is more common in rural groups or places with fewer people.  

The above is a screen shot from my phone of a post made in a local trans support group FB page that I used to be an active member in before I de-transitioned.  After seeing this post, which frankly sounded threatening to me, I took the screen shot and promptly left the group.

As of September 8th, Humboldt Pride board sent Carolynn and myself the following email:
"Heath and Carolynn,It has come to our attention that there are some statements being made and posted that reference your position as Pride while denouncing other individuals within our community, their sexuality, gender identity or other parts of themselves. This is not what Pride is about as an organization to bring together those within our community and unite them with the allies within our greater community. Please do not use Pride as a platform and we ask that you relinquish your positions on the board at this time. Thank you both for your time on the board and the service you have provided to the community. 
Pride Board"
For an organization that touts itself as being supportive of all voices and perspectives, they seem not to really care too much about how many women they trample in the process.

I would also like to add that the reason any of this is even happening is because last month, I started a letter writing campaign against Qaiel Peltier.  The retaliation of Qaiel's posse was to scour my blog, hoping to find a vague reference to my position as a pride board member, which they did end up finding in this post.  Folks, we call this tactic "grasping at straws."

One of the quotes from my post about Qaiel Peltier is the following, which according to inside sources, he vehemently denies:
He has bullied women for not living up to his standards of sexual promiscuity, and has assaulted at least 2 women. He has belittled those same women for their interest in feminism.
I'm hurt and disgusted, but sadly not surprised, that the stance of Humboldt Pride board is to protect the public image of a known sexual harasser simply because he "identifies" as trans, but will kick off two lesbians for unrelated politics that we both made a point to keep separate from Humboldt Pride.

Their reaction is to tell us how How Fucking Wrong We Are© and that we need to just heal and get over it.  There has been a lot of victim blaming going on in my former community, victim shaming, deflection, smokescreenings, gaslighting, and various other abusive techniques.  

Since nymeses is my moniker, and Nemesis is my goddess, I want justice.  I will be moving on to speaking on a more national platform, and I will not rest until justice is sought and the victims involved are allowed to speak safely.  Unfortunately no space is safe with people like sexual harassers around.  This should be common knowledge.

I've been accused of being manipulative.  I've been accused of leaving my girlfriend behind to deal with this.  With all the rumors flying around regarding me, it's hard for me to keep track.  Some people accuse my girlfriend of changing me and brainwashing me.  Other people accuse me of manipulating Carolynn.  Some people just think the two of us are ugly bitches.  So, tell me, which one of us is the mastermind behind all of this?  Am I the manipulator, or is Carolynn the controlling one?  Or is it possible that both of us have brains of our own and can think for ourselves?  

Make up your minds, people.

And while you're at it, might want to read this post by Elizabeth Hungerford too.  Just as a sidenote.  Your theories are falling apart when placed in public scrutiny.  Even by your own followers.

To contact Humboldt Pride regarding their hasty decision, they can be reached at info@humboldtpride.org or via their facebook page, which is www.facebook.com/humboldtpride

More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/humboldtpride/posts/10151838798703966

And here: http://genderidentitywatch.com/2013/09/09/humboldt-pride-california-usa/

Saturday, September 7, 2013

9.7.13 - Something Cheerful

Whenever I am feeling bogged-down with haters, both local and not, who are so quick to want to shut my ass up because it's more convenient for them, I sometimes find myself smiling.


Because I keep getting messages on a weekly basis.  From young women who are hurt and frankly, they're pretty pissed off.  I feel like we all got duped by queer theory, and the sick joke is all at the expense of women and lesbians.

These women have either:

  1. Given serious thought to transitioning and realized in the nick of time that they were about to make a huge mistake that would have negatively impacted their lives, health, and mental health and so decided not to do it.  These women are relieved that I am speaking out openly as a butch.
  2. Or they've already taken steps in transitioning and realized that it's not all glitter and fabulousness as the QQQ (queer qids qlub) likes to tout it as.  In fact, they end up realizing that their bodies are fucking fine as they are despite what patriarchy says or tries to sell/drug them into! and that no further "enhancements" are needed.  And they're right!  These women are also relieved that I am speaking out openly as a butch.
These types of women who message me...those are the types of messages that remind me every day why I'm doing this.  No matter how much people try to paint me as a local villain, a hater, a bitch, a fatass, whatever the fuck I supposedly am this week, I remember that what I'm doing is important, and it is saving lives.  Actually saving lives, instead of putting a band-aid on a damn bullet hole.  I'm doing this to help build a solid lesbian culture.  Butch, Femme, neither, it doesn't matter to me, we just need female visibility and representation, because nobody else is sure as hell going to advocate for female body positivity and lesbian positivity unless we do it ourselves!

At any rate, I deeply appreciate the support I've been getting. You have no idea how happy I am - not for myself, but for the young women who are, with each passing day, waking up from the gender fog and realizing that society is at fault, not their bodies.

I do this activism for you.  You, who have been cast away by your academic bourgeoisie counterparts.  From your homophobic families who would have rather had a gender conforming son instead of a gender non conforming daughter.  I write for you.  I write for the young women who wanted freedom to be strong amazonian lesbians, and instead got "you must be a guy" shoved down your throats instead.

Question: What's the difference between a conservative Christian saying to a lesbian "you might as well be a dude" and a queer activist saying the same thing?

Answer: Absolutely nothing.  Same shit, different package!