Friday, September 20, 2013

9.20.13 Queer Theory is Illogical

Some questions, rhetorical or not, that have been itching at my brain lately:

1. Why is it that queer theorists believe in such outdated gender roles for people?
2. Why do they consistently reinforce the gender binary by saying "these are feminine traits/behaviors/appearances" and ditto for "masculine?"
3. Why do they believe in prioritizing male born people above all others? Especially females and lesbians?
4. Why can't they all recognize gender/ID politics for what it really is? Which is to say, a cult?
5. Why do women sweep the actions of men under the rug, or even go so far as to defend certain men, just because said men are "gender non-conforming?" They're still men, and they're still predators.
6. Butch and Femme are labels for lesbian females. Why are women (and men!) trying to appropriate these labels and simultaneously erase actual lesbians in the process? You are cheapening our culture by making our words meaningless. Stop it! Cut the bullshit!
7. Why is it that mainstream, even politically conservative women and non-feminist women understand that males are males, females are females, and people with intersex conditions are people with intersex conditions, but queer theorists cannot do this? Or worse, queer theorists appropriate and try to conflate intersex conditions with trans delusions?
8. Why won't queer theorists live in reality with the rest of us all and acknowledge oppression as male oppression?
9. Why is it "exclusive" for a female lesbian to only be attracted to other female lesbians, and therefore lesbian becomes a dirty "excluding" word, but born males are allowed to appropriate the word "lesbian" and only prefer actual females, and women are supposed to sit back and accept this or be labeled "transphobic" for not wanting to sleep with men???
10. Why has feminism gotten such a backlash and why do women sit back and support this backlash?
11. Why are my actions and politics supposedly more "toxic" than the ignoring  the safety and well-being of women as queer theorists tend to do?

You are not a friend to females if you honestly keep supporting this shit. I am dead serious.

So, what have we learned today?

Grow up, get real, live in reality, and when you finally have the courage to join other women in the fight to dismantle patriarchy as a class instead of reinforcing it through identity politics, feel free to get back to me.


Anonymous said...

I've read #9 a few times but still don't understand, could you please explain?

Heath Atom Russell said...

The cotton ceiling argument, which is backed by trans "women." (i.e. males)

Gerdien said...

"4. Why can't they all recognize gender/ID politics for what it really is? Which is to say, a cult?"

That's how I see it too. The whole gender identity thing is bullshit. Seperating gender from sex/genitals is not realistic.
But still, people can get the opposite gender on their passport, even without any surgery. I think society had gone mad. We're so oversensitive and afraid to hurt somebody else's feelings that we buy these bullshit.
Gender is a social construct and gender roles are just roles with a label. We should get rid of the labels feminine and masculine on roles. That's my mission, changing the world and not my body.

You're doing a great job, Heath! :)

Gerdien said...

"4. Why can't they all recognize gender/ID politics for what it really is? Which is to say, a cult?"

I ditto that.
We should get rid of the labels feminine and masculine on roles. Gender is a social construct and can't be seperate from sex/genitals.
It's weird that men can get "female" in their passport while they still have a penis. The whole gender identity thing has become so overrated.
I see people on YouTube struggling with their gender identity, they definately want a label. I got news for them: labels are for clothes, people are just people .

You're doing a great job, Heath. :)

dokutou-mekki said...

It is a cult and I have no interesting in drinking their Kool-Aid anymore. I grew up in a non-religious household and my parents were very strongly against religious fundamentalism and in favor of separation of church and state. I myself am pretty much agnostic. So, I don't have any interest in sticking with what is essentially a shaky and contradictory philosophy that has practitioners who act like religious fundamentalists. The reason why they use such big words is to hide their contradictions and illogical way of thinking.

Not to mention, their insistence that brain sex hypothesis are valid is very much anti-science and anti-biology, so is the delusional idea that the penis can be a female sex organ. I'm a chemist and so I know that words mean something and you can't just change it because science hurts your feelings. (Also, if the penis can be both a male or female sex organ and same for the vagina, would dysphoria even exist?)

Additionally, I'm so tired of the way lesbians are treated too. That was another reason for me hitting peak queer. They all love to appropriate our words and our culture and then they turn around and try to erase us and shame us for not having an "inclusive" (read: open to fucking men) sexual orientation. Mysteriously, gay men and especially straight people are usually exempt from this shaming. Plus it’s weird that the same people who brought us the nonsense that is the trans umbrella and the less popular bisexual umbrella feel the need to appropriate the three words that apply to lesbians.

If you're a lesbian and not in denial about being female you're shammed, but then if you ID as genderqueer or better yet are a trans woman, then being a lesbian is okay. Also, a lot of the queers (or QQQ as you call them or qwertz as one of my friends calls them) are all like "don't label me; labels are restrictive." Yet they have a million post-modernist labels for everything, especially gender. They like to put their labels on others too. I’ve been told that I was in denial about being “genderqueer” because I was a lesbian scientist. And that I shouldn’t call myself a lesbian because that label was too restrictive. Yes really. Apparently lesbian scientists don’t exist and the only way to be one is to be in denial about being female and to adopt some useless label to describe myself that bored academics came up with in the early 1990s.
The appropriation and erasure doesn’t just happen to present-day lesbians; see this post on Anne Lister:

I’m 100% done with them. Apparently writing a bunch of diaries about what a big lesbian you are and being a historical figure isn’t enough to stop these appropriating assholes. Unfortunately I don’t really know any radfems and/or lesbians who are feed up with this in real life, so I mainly hang out with supportive straight people I knew in high school who have never heard of queer politics. At least they never tell me that I’m a genderqueer in denial or being narrow-minded by being a lesbian.

I seem to have spent the day commenting on your blog. Thank you for making a blog like this; I am sure you will help many young women who are feeling the pressure to transition or who just wanted to know that there were places for all the misogyny and lesbophobia was called out for what it is.