Saturday, September 7, 2013

9.7.13 - Something Cheerful

Whenever I am feeling bogged-down with haters, both local and not, who are so quick to want to shut my ass up because it's more convenient for them, I sometimes find myself smiling.


Because I keep getting messages on a weekly basis.  From young women who are hurt and frankly, they're pretty pissed off.  I feel like we all got duped by queer theory, and the sick joke is all at the expense of women and lesbians.

These women have either:

  1. Given serious thought to transitioning and realized in the nick of time that they were about to make a huge mistake that would have negatively impacted their lives, health, and mental health and so decided not to do it.  These women are relieved that I am speaking out openly as a butch.
  2. Or they've already taken steps in transitioning and realized that it's not all glitter and fabulousness as the QQQ (queer qids qlub) likes to tout it as.  In fact, they end up realizing that their bodies are fucking fine as they are despite what patriarchy says or tries to sell/drug them into! and that no further "enhancements" are needed.  And they're right!  These women are also relieved that I am speaking out openly as a butch.
These types of women who message me...those are the types of messages that remind me every day why I'm doing this.  No matter how much people try to paint me as a local villain, a hater, a bitch, a fatass, whatever the fuck I supposedly am this week, I remember that what I'm doing is important, and it is saving lives.  Actually saving lives, instead of putting a band-aid on a damn bullet hole.  I'm doing this to help build a solid lesbian culture.  Butch, Femme, neither, it doesn't matter to me, we just need female visibility and representation, because nobody else is sure as hell going to advocate for female body positivity and lesbian positivity unless we do it ourselves!

At any rate, I deeply appreciate the support I've been getting. You have no idea how happy I am - not for myself, but for the young women who are, with each passing day, waking up from the gender fog and realizing that society is at fault, not their bodies.

I do this activism for you.  You, who have been cast away by your academic bourgeoisie counterparts.  From your homophobic families who would have rather had a gender conforming son instead of a gender non conforming daughter.  I write for you.  I write for the young women who wanted freedom to be strong amazonian lesbians, and instead got "you must be a guy" shoved down your throats instead.

Question: What's the difference between a conservative Christian saying to a lesbian "you might as well be a dude" and a queer activist saying the same thing?

Answer: Absolutely nothing.  Same shit, different package!


Anonymous said...

love it! write on!

Gerdien said...

I'm glad you do this, Heath. You're concern is heartwarming and your voice has to be heard. You've been there, you know how it's like. Keep doing what you do, you have my support.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a woman a few times recently, whom I recognize as someone who transitioned about four or five years ago.

When I first saw her years ago, she was unmistakablly female, not from any makeup of behaviour, nothing she had purchased, but as someone elsewhere said, "hips don't lie". And the rest. She had full round buttocks, her stride fit her pelvis, narrow, even. Then it became clear to me, she was transitioning, as she changed slightly month by month. I saw her at least once a week through her transition, passing her in a place we both frequented. Since I didn't 'know' her we never spoke, and she never made eye contact.

She grew much taller over about a year, her feet grew extraordinarily, causing her to wear sandals all the time. She had had mastectomies. She was happy, glowing, eyes fixed forward in a kind of delirium, always a half smile and projected a kind of 'rapture'. Then I didn't see her, or "him", for a couple years.

Now I see her again. She is miserable, depressed looking, drawn, barely holding herself up, looking down, holding her arms against herself. She seems to have gotten a bit smaller from her pinnacle of maleness which she had achieved, or from some devastation she is struggling to survive.

I don't know for sure what's going on. But it's not good. I would guess, she's off testosterone, and is reverting, or something has gone horribly wrong with some surgery, or she's just aware what a huge mistake she's made, and can't find the way out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about the families: are they all Christian fundamentalists who expect girls to be wearing pink tutus and boys to be running around with toy guns, and if not, they decide there was a mistake they need to correct?

What about Warren Beatty's daughter? What about Chastity? I don't think these parents were happy at all about what their daughters did, just trying to keep hold until maybe they come to their senses. Surely Chastity for sure, saw lots of gay men and women around her mother. Some of them would have been out?

I don't quite agree with the idea that women transitioning are doing so because they don't want to be a Barbie doll. Few women do, but we don't decide the solution is to be male. Even if we are never comfortable with how society perceives us, fear some of the consequences, and fear having to be with a male, even if we were sexually abused in childhood, prostituted: We don't take that route.

dokutou-mekki said...

I'm glad there are blogs like this. I am happy that you've been able to help people because I think that as GID and sex dysphoria become more and more politicized and more pharmaceutical companies realize they can make a ton of money off of it, there will be more people who end up de-transitioning. Plus, I saw your interview with evil feminist and you were actually diagnosed with this! So much for medical gate-keeping.