Friday, October 4, 2013

10.4.13. Nancy/Nathan Verhelst

I'm deeply saddened by the state-sanctioned euthanasia of Nancy/Nathan Verhelst.  Such a far-reaching pain inside of her could have been dealt with VERY differently.  I have been crying off and on all day.

I really feel like I lost one of my own even though I never heard about her before. I'm really really upset. My job has been keeping me busy but I can't take my mind off of what a horrible violation of human rights this is (the euthanasia for a person clearly dealing with depression and PTSD). The explosive misogyny. The (I'm going to guess here), childhood abuse. I'm pissed off and I want to DO something about it. More heart-wrenching that myself and other radical feminists are more upset over this all than her own mother was.  And I'm sorry, YES, I am going to jump on the "her mother was a witch" bandwagon.  Her whole fucking FAMILY sounds like they had a hand in this.  Her father, mother, and brothers along with these quack doctors are all to blame.  The trans camp is already starting to say that Nancy's mother sounded like a TERF (trans exclusive radical feminist) and they are WRONG. Radical feminists have treated me with nothing but kindness.  This euthanasia was 100% the fault of PATRIARCHY and living in a dick-ruling/dick-worshipping society!  I can't believe the level of cognitive dissonance required at this point to see this as anything BUT the fault of patriarchy!