Friday, October 4, 2013

10.4.13. Nancy/Nathan Verhelst

I'm deeply saddened by the state-sanctioned euthanasia of Nancy/Nathan Verhelst.  Such a far-reaching pain inside of her could have been dealt with VERY differently.  I have been crying off and on all day.

I really feel like I lost one of my own even though I never heard about her before. I'm really really upset. My job has been keeping me busy but I can't take my mind off of what a horrible violation of human rights this is (the euthanasia for a person clearly dealing with depression and PTSD). The explosive misogyny. The (I'm going to guess here), childhood abuse. I'm pissed off and I want to DO something about it. More heart-wrenching that myself and other radical feminists are more upset over this all than her own mother was.  And I'm sorry, YES, I am going to jump on the "her mother was a witch" bandwagon.  Her whole fucking FAMILY sounds like they had a hand in this.  Her father, mother, and brothers along with these quack doctors are all to blame.  The trans camp is already starting to say that Nancy's mother sounded like a TERF (trans exclusive radical feminist) and they are WRONG. Radical feminists have treated me with nothing but kindness.  This euthanasia was 100% the fault of PATRIARCHY and living in a dick-ruling/dick-worshipping society!  I can't believe the level of cognitive dissonance required at this point to see this as anything BUT the fault of patriarchy!



Tracy said...

I am "for" assisted suicide, but against euthanasia strictly defined. Doctors should only facilitate the pushing of a button by a communicating person (conscious or not, science is moving fast in this area). As long as it's not the doctor pushing the button, I am fine with the prep work. But the action must be suicide. There is nothing inherently wrong with suicide, some people will simply never be happy. Society cannot give happiness to 100% of humans, it is an impossible feat. Sad people have two choices, live a long sad miserable life, or be on drugs for the rest of their days, both still may lead to suicide. There is no cure for depression, it is simply a person who does not fit any social mode. We should stop fretting about suicide.

Gerdien said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

If you want to do something, email the reporter and the editor of the paper, and send them your vid and offer to let them interview you. Tape it.