Friday, March 21, 2014

Drag Culture

Thoughts on drag culture: I don't necessarily have an inherent problem with drag itself, except for the fact that for men it is called "drag" but for women to wear things like jeans and plaid is considered "normal."  That's the biggest issue for me.  That one is considered more of a performance and the other is taken for granted, because stereotypical male things are the default, and women who do those things are invisibilized.

Okay, I lied, I have a few more problems with drag culture.  For one, I don't think it's right for men to dress themselves up with makeup, teased hair to the ceiling, gowns, and sparkly shoes AND call themselves "women." That's what I have a problem with. No, you're not women.  You're not "playing the character" of a woman.  Your "alter-ego" is not a woman. Stop with the crap.  You're a man who dresses and primps himself differently than other men. And if you wear perfume or lotions, you probably even smell better than most men who can't be bothered to wipe after dropping a deuce in the toilet. Yeah, I went there.

Men who dress themselves up and claim to be women for a performance = just as bad as MTFs who do it full-time and claim to be women (without thinking it's a performance necessarily).

The duty is for men to drop the pretense of what "male professions, male clothing, male mannerisms, male this, male that" and the same for females.  Wouldn't it be something if humans could express/be/do whatever they want so long as it's not harming an entire class of people? I have other problems with drag culture, but ultimately I feel it is up to men to encourage other men to express themselves however they want, without conceding that they are "women" for doing so.  Part of the reason we are stuck in this rut in the first place is because of imposed masculinity/imposed femininity, yes?  So let's help people get more comfortable with expressing themselves in a wide variety of manners without trampling on the rights of others.  By that I mean, don't demonize the act of self-expression, demonize what men morph that into. "Oh, he's dressed like a tranny/trick/bitch/woman."  No. He is dressed like a man, just differently than yourself.  Stop othering women, and stop othering your brothers.  Part of the reason men keep wanting access to female-spaces is because they feel uncomfortable or unsafe around other MEN. So, MEN, FIX THAT.

Oh, and for the love of goddess, please stop calling women "fish." Fuck you if you do, and DON'T have a nice day.

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