Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Glad I got your attention.  I'm changing the tone of my blog for a minute here because there is a woman who needs our help.  Desperately.

Meet Jacqueline S. Homan.  At 13 she was held captive in the sex trade.  At 17, she bravely and miraculously escaped her pimps.  Because of actual, REAL institutionalized PATRIARCHAL "slut-shaming," despite her higher education, she has been unable to find any other work.  She makes $65 a month in food stamps and receives no other types of financial assistance. She lives in PA and her secondhand pellet stove broke after 15 years.  It is the only source of heat in her house.  The temperature is just around freezing, and to top things off, a window in her house broke and she is showing symptoms of pneumonia.

This could end up being her last days if people don't react swiftly to help save her life.

Some people have taken to verbally harassing and further abusing Jacqueline, and the creator of the fundraiser Marley in response.  Stop kicking people when they're down.

If you think "sex work" is so "empowering" you will realize that this is a fucking tragedy and will join us in doing the right thing in donating or spreading the word.  For many women like Jacqueline, they don't have a high life expectancy, whether exited or still in the trade.  It's not "empowerment" to freeze to death all alone, with some of the last things people telling you is that "you shouldn't have the gall to beg for handouts."

This sends a clear message.  Women are only worth "donating to" if they are actively providing themselves to be raped by dicks.  After that, not only do people NOT give a damn, but they will actively further punish and shame the fuck out of a woman.

I know I have some really good people who read this blog who can spread the word.  To the people who have done just that, THANK YOU, it's much appreciated, because this means the difference between her life and death right now.  To the others who have been harassing these brave women (Jacqueline and Marley), I don't know what to say except, well, shame on YOU, not them!

Here is the link again if you missed it above:

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