Thursday, March 6, 2014

Insurance Annoyances

I don't enjoy discussing insurance because it's such a boring topic.  I would sooner discuss the process of paint drying or monitor a snail race than bring up the topic of insurance.  Basically, "insurance" to me is what talking about the weather is to other people.

Yet, here I am writing this blog post.  Good thing I had a couple cups of coffee today.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit a gynecologist.  I specifically wanted a female specialist.  So, my girlfriend found a center I could visit, which was about 3 hours away from me.  Not exactly a hop, skip, and jump away.  But I was grateful that she had found me a female doctor.

The visit itself was very lackluster.  The specialist told me there was no long-term damage of testosterone use (which is a lie: even trans activists know of the dangerous risks of cross-hormone therapy).  She also said that the only long-term damage would be external...such as my facial hair.  Her speciality within women's health also revolved around skin care and dermatology.

I'm not concerned about my fucking facial hair.  I am concerned about long-term reproductive health and the potential cancerous effects of testosterone on a female body.

That is all a topic for a different blog post, though.

Oh, sorry, what was I talking about?  Oh, insurance.  See, my concentration is already drifting.

So, we received a bill in the mail for $171 a few days ago from the clinic.  We both thought this was strange, as my insurance covers the costs of specialists, only requiring a co-pay (which we paid for at the time of service).

Today, my girlfriend found out from the clinic that the reason we were charged is because my insurance has me listed as a male.  But they (at the clinic) could tell, very clearly, that I am a female.

So now I am on the phone with my insurance, hoping to figure this all out.  Here is how that conversation is going.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"Hi there, I went to a women's health clinic, and I called them and they said you denied payment for my treatment because I'm listed as a male."

:Woman chuckles: "Huh, okay, well, what's your information? Maybe I can help you out."

:Gives information:

:She pulls up my records:

"Okay, and you have your insurance through your father's employer?"


"Unfortunately, I cannot change it, they would have to change it."

"Is that the only way I can get that changed?"

"Yes, you have to go through your father's employer because they're the only ones who can change it because they sent it over incorrectly."

"Okay, thank you.  I will get in touch with them."

"Sorry that I couldn't help you better!"

"That's okay, thank you anyways!"

:Hangs up:

So, now I am faced with the dilemma of contacting my father's employer to see what they say.  Which I am going to do tomorrow.

I will leave you all with some questions that should be on the minds of everyone reading this:

If, as a female, I am charged for services because my insurance records indicate that I am a man, does this mean that "trans women" (who are males) are getting low or no-cost women's reproductive health services because their insurance records list them as females?  Is this why I was charged almost $1000 for a trans-vaginal ultrasound that I received in August?  I am going to tentatively guess, yes.

Thanks postmodernism gobbledegook! Not!

To be continued...


Gerdien said...

This one of the reasons why it's insane to be listed as the opposite sex.

Emi Pisarello said...

What is insane is what the medical care make diferenciation because your gender...thats insane, till this change we need be listed as oposite sex...or well be listed as Trangenders and make special diferentiations in every case
Example, in a lot of countrys insurance not cover the breast cancer control to male..but trasngender women into hormones had the same risk than a regular woman (cisgender), so we need the insurance to cover this to us too.