Friday, April 11, 2014

Interview with The Evil Feminist

A year and a half after my decision to detransition, The Evil Feminist interviewed me regarding the transition/detransition, the reception I've gotten from people, and new projects that I am working on.

Click HERE to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Great video!

dokutou-mekki said...

This is a good video! Thanks for making it and offering another perspective on this issue. It seems that people who have detransitioned are erased and ignored so often, and they get vilified like you did and like every person who has detransitioned who I bumped into. It's so toxic and you can't ever disagree with the main gender ideology.

The shocker here for me is that you actually did get an official diagnoses! Even if it was basically the therapist agreeing with your self-diagnoses after doing some research on the internet and the doctor going along with it, it is still an official diagnoses. I can't believe that your therapist didn't think to send you to someone who specializes in GID or consider if social factors played a role in your GID.

I do have to agree with you in that I think that there will be more people detransitioning as these diagnoses of GID increase. It's really not a good thing and it's just a reflection of how messed up gender itself is. Plus, I've seen trans politics where they are completely against medical gate-keeping of any kind or even people having to get a diagnoses before taking hormones or getting surgery! I've seen people talk about how wrong it is that you have to be diagnosed with GID and/or sex dsyphoria to get hormones. The logic basically amounts to saying that it's bad to have to be diagnosed with a disorder to get treatment for the disorder! But hey, identity trumps reality right? I guess I should just identify as having chronic pain so I can get pain meds and become a street pharmacist. Of course, it sounds nuts when I put it that way, but gender is sacred. (And I don't really want to be a street pharmacist.)

Plus, thanks for highlighting the health problems that happen with transitioning. It does not surprise me that taking cross-sex hormones and wearing a binder negatively affects health. Even taking extra hormones for the sex that you are can negatively affect your health. I take estrogen birth controls to treat my endometriosis, but as I get older, the health risks increase and I will probably have to take something else when I hit 40. And this is a hormone that women make naturally.

I thought that it was interesting that Cathy Brennan offered to pay for your tires, because all I hear about her is that she's completely horrible and mean to all trans*** people and she's like their boogeyman. But it sounds like she supported you while the rest of the community was silent, so I can't believe she's all bad.

Once again, thanks for making this good video.