Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

Once again, Sophia Banks has been spreading infinite amounts of wisdom absolute nonsense via his twitter page.  When he isn't spending his time pressuring women to have sex with his penis or threatening to sue lesbian activists for acknowledging that he has a penis, Mr. Banks occasionally posts some interesting trans kool-aid rhetoric, such as above.

Here's where my best friend, Logic, comes out to play.

Mr. Banks states: "Nope, trans men don't just get magical male privilege by coming out.  Ain't that simple folks.  Stop ignoring trans men. They matter."

For the moment, I am going to put aside the amount of times I have seen M2Ts harass F2Ts online and accuse F2Ts of having all the male privilege ever, accuse them of mansplaining, etc.  I'm going to sidestep that for a moment because what Sophia is saying is important.

Yes, you heard me correctly.  I complimented Sophia Banks because what he says is important.  Why?  Because it shoots their ideology in the foot.

Sophia is pretty much openly admitting that you cannot obtain male privilege by "coming out" as a man.  However, trans activists DO acknowledge that male privilege exists.  So, by Sophia's statement, if you cannot obtain privilege simply by identifying as a man, but males have privilege somehow, this must mean that males are born into a position of privilege.

Oh, but it gets even more nitty-gritty.

If F2Ts don't get male privilege by identifying as and/or transitioning, then the equal and opposite is true: M2Ts don't magically LOSE their privilege by identifying as women.  I can just as easily say "Nope, trans-women don't just lose magical male privilege by coming out.  Ain't that simple folks."

Except, me saying that gets me labeled as a bigot.  And what exactly is "magical" male privilege?  Is that where a man not only gets male privilege but also gets to be Dumbledore too?

Back to my good friend, Logic.  Follow me here.

1. You cannot have a privileged group of people without an oppressed group of people.
2. Sophia says that trans men do not get male privilege by coming out.  This implies that male privilege is something you are born with, and not something you can obtain.  The role of the privileged is not something that an F2T can opt into.
3. If males get male-privilege and are the privileged group, that makes females the oppressed group, and they are born into the role of the oppressed.  This role of the oppressed isn't one that an M2T can opt into.
4. This privilege/oppression dichotomy is on the basis of sex, not gender.
5. Ergo, sex-based oppression exists.

Also, Sophia's mock concern for those born female has been duly noted and subsequently ignored by me.  "Trans men matter;" oh please, dude, get real.  The only reason Sophia cares so much is because he is worried that F2Ts will realize they don't need to be trans-anything in order to be happy and it will therefore offer less legitimacy to these autogynephiles.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely written.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why you seem to feel so threatened. I'm not trans, but I feel that people who are trans are just trying to make their way through the world like everyone does, and they deserve respect as human beings. It's sad to see so many blogs that focus on negativity towards one group of people

Heath Russell said...

You don't understand why I feel threatened? Do you not know my history?