Thursday, May 22, 2014

A protest of Radfems Respond

A local Portland group is organizing a protest/demonstration/filibuster of Radfems Respond this weekend.  I took a gander at their event description, which is HERE and I have decided to do a sentence-by-sentence rebuttal to the lies they present in their argument.  Bolded is mine.

>>This Saturday an international group of radical "feminists" (hate group) will descend on Portland to hold what it purports to be a "public forum" on sex workers and on trans folks. Let's show them the door.
Firstly, radical feminists are not a hate group.  Radical feminism is an ideological perspective which led to many of the groundbreaking gains of the second wave of feminism in the 60s.  For those not in the know, if you are thankful for battered women's shelters, sexual assault rallies, reproductive rights, and body acceptance, thank a radical feminist.  Also "will descend on Portland?" What are we? Goddesses from above?  What's with the language, here?

>>The hate group called WOLF (Womyn's Liberation Front) and Deep Green Resistance's leaders Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivey (plus an "ex-trans" speaker) are main speakers of the "forum" to be held at the Central Library (801 SW 10th Ave) U.S. Bank Room downtown from 11AM to 3PM. 

WoLF is not a hate group. Also, it's Women's Liberation Front, although I've always been personally fond of the stylized "womyn's" myself.  As for "plus an 'ex-trans' speaker" well, I have a name. My name is Heath Atom Russell.  The fact that you cannot even name me nor link to my blog shows that you are deeply terrified of my pro-lesbian, pro-body acceptance message.  I know that your omitting my name was intentional.  You have access to the website.  It's not that hard to figure out my name.  For a group that touts respect for IDENTITIES, omitting a person's name IS their identity.  Your name is an IDENTIFIER.  When someone asks you "did you know that person's identity?" you usually give them a NAME.  So, remember MINE.

Also, I've never once referred to myself as "ex-trans."  Though I realize this might be an unsuccessful comparison to "ex-gay."  Strangely enough, during my transition, I became "ex-gay," or more technically, "ex-lesbian" by proxy.  Because I had changed my outward appearance and tried to "pass" as a man, I appeared as a hetero man in public.  I have since BOLDLY reclaimed my lesbian and female self.  The proper term for me is a "detransitioned female" or even "detransitioned lesbian." 

>>We questioned the library administration about allowing a hate group who promotes discrimination and their response is that they cannot kick them out because of freedom of speech. So we also exercise our right to free speech in public space this Saturday to drive the TERFS and RadFems out of OUR library and OUR Portland! 

I am glad you understand the concept of freedom of speech.  Radical feminists are not a hate group for prioritizing the needs of females (or as trans activists like to call us, "natal-women" or "uterus-bearers").
>>Gather at Director Park (2 blocks away, on Taylor and Park) at 10:30AM, bring signs. 

>>March together to Central Library at 10:45AM and rally on the sidewalk in front of the library entrance to create visibility. 

>>People are also encouraged to infiltrate the "forum" and speak out, call out on the TERF and SWERF bullshit, and filibuster the meeting in general. 

Filibuster the meeting. Right. Because nothing quite says "anti-fascism" than shouting down and wanting to literally RUN OUT OF TOWN a group of people assembling at a conference.
>>On Sunday, a group of TRUSCUMS (self-loathing trans folks who have been brain washed into radical feminism, who are online puppets of Supreme Leader Cathy "Buck" Brennen) are having a secret meeting to establish an ex-trans organization. This location is secret but we are investigating and will inflitrate it. 

Incorrect. "Truscum" are people who believe transsexuality to be a strictly medical condition.  The person who wrote this is very strangely confused.  Also, how can you be supportive of ALL trans people and yet call certain groups of them "truscum" (or scum of any kind) or call them "self-loathing trans folks" who have been "brainwashed?"  So much for your inclusivity nicey-nicey stuff, eh?
>>For people who don't know, DGR and RadFem are people who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex because to them genital is destiny.

What? No, seriously, what?  I have never once seen a representative and/or member of DGR (or any radical feminist for that matter) state that trans folks need to be outlawed and executed in prisons unless they go back to their birth sex.  If I am mistaken, my inbox is eagerly awaiting such sources.  I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time, though, because such an accusation is a blatant fabrication.

But since we are on the subject of trans and executions, did you know that in Iran, a person can "choose" between being an out gay or lesbian AND BEING EXECUTED FOR IT BY THE GOVERNMENT, or Iran will pay for sex-change operations for them?  Sounds like you're hitting on the WRONG targets, trans activists!
>>They claim trans women are rapists simply by existing, AND even petitioned the United Nations to strip all trans and genderqueer people of human rights.

No, we actually judge male-to-trans individuals by their ACTIONS against females who organize autonomously with other females.  Sneaking into Michfest and exposing their genitals, cutting off supply lines to women with disabilities at Michfest and vandalizing cars, raping women in women's shelters, exposing themselves and leering in women's locker rooms, demanding access to ALL women's spaces, these are just a few examples that ARE well-documented, unlike your claims that radfems supposedly want to exterminate trans people in prisons.
>>This same group of people are also into slut-shaming and against sex workers and also those women who do not become butch lesbians.

Hahaha!  I've never seen a radical feminist "slut-shame."  In fact, the very phrase "slut shaming" itself is just about as misogynistic as you can get.  Radical feminists are proponents of the Nordic Model, which punishes the pimps and johns for the DEMAND for purchased sexual activities rape, while the women get offered rehabilitation programs, job training, and job placement.

If you do not think that women deserve better than being purchased by men, then YOU'RE the misogynists.  Not us.

"Become butch lesbians."  I'm not even sure if I'm understanding the language this post is speaking anymore.
>>Funny how they are all white middle class women with masters and doctors degrees, who go after poor trans women of color who experience constant threat of hate crime, denied healthcare, unemployment, homelessness, police violence and just all sorts of oppression. Let's make them check their WHITE, MIDDLE-CLASS, CIS PRIVILEGE! 
Really now? All of us? Every single one of us?  I can assure you that not all of the speakers at the event have Doctorate or Masters degrees.  I myself have a BA degree in Sociology because I was the first in my family to attain higher education.  The other presenters can speak for themselves of their backgrounds.  As a female and a lesbian I am under constant threat of hate crimes, I have medical bills I have to pay related to my FEMALE reproductive organs because my insurance still sees me as MALE when I am not, I do not have a "mainstream" cozy career in information technology (like many white M2Ts who run the movement do), etc.  While I did come from a middle class background, I am not middle class anymore.

So why don't you put on your thinking cap next time before you open your mouth.

But then again, I cannot expect you to listen much to me, since you couldn't even be bothered to name me.

In case you missed it above, the link to their information for the protest against the ALL-INCLUSIVE Radfems Respond event is HERE