Friday, August 22, 2014

24 Hour Truce

Andrea Dworkin once said that she'd like a "24 hour truce during which there is no rape." I want a 24 hour truce during which all men stop hurting all women. This means that no matter what a man's background, whether the color of his skin, the income residing in his wallet, his abilities or disabilities, his sexual orientation, his age, "gender identity," or any other factors which marginalize him when compared to rich white men, will stop hurting women for 24 hours.
This includes men with disabilities who buy victims of the sex trade in order to get laid because they feel they are entitled to women's bodies.
This includes gay men who think it's funny to make fish jokes, to call women "bitches," or to feel up women without consent.
This includes old men who think it's fun to rape young girls.
This includes young men who harass young women in the hallways of their high schools.
This includes men who "identify" as women who commit violent crimes against women, and it includes the men who "identify" as women who support these vile offenders.
This includes poor men who engage in domestic violence against their female partners on the bogus "reason" that they are disenfranchised based on class status, man, and it's really draggin' them down and bummin' them out, maaaan.
This includes men who think they are "allies" who talk over women, or who get pissed off and make threats to leave organizations when women discuss important issues like being PIV-critical.
This includes men who intimidate women by means of financial control.
This includes men who think they have the right to control women's reproductive autonomy for any reason.
This includes men who consume pornography and eroticize the physical and financial control leveled at women in the industry.
All of you. Cut the crap. Knock it off, grow up, and allow us to BREATHE.
A 24 hour truce. Your move.

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