Friday, August 29, 2014

As Seen on Lesbolution's Tumblr Blog

small (and some large) changes you can make to live a more female-centric life:
  • value female friendships
  • prioritise art made by women, including music, movies, books, visual art, etc.
  • get involved in all-female group activities, whether it just be chillin with ur gal pals or having full blown feminist meetings
  • be extra friendly and helpful to female strangers
  • compliment the women in your life on things other than their appearance
  • be vocal and unapologetic about your feminism
  • listen to the wisdom of your female elders
  • consider getting involved in women’s spirituality
  • consider political celibacy if you’re heterosexual. this is an extreme measure and not for everyone, but it is powerful
  • love and support all the women in your life. this includes yourself.

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Unknown said...

Very good advice, and thank you for posting it....