Monday, August 11, 2014

#TERFweek? More like #LIMPweek!

Men who are Lesbian-Infiltrating Male-Pleasers (or LIMP) are men who are against female-only spaces and against the right of lesbians to say "no" to male-born people as sexual or romantic partners.  Like Dana Beyer wrote recently of the Cotton Ceiling, decrying lesbian females who choose not to sleep with born-males as being "transphobic," I am here to tell you that LIMPs are lesbophobic proponents of rape culture, and just general misogynists to boot.

I'm not saying you should use slurs or insult people, buuuuut since they're not respecting our wishes, insist on continuing to call us TERFs and "cisgender" despite our wishes, and in light of "TERFweek" on twitter, use the hashtag #LIMPweek if you so desire.  For added comedic effect, use "LIMPweak" too.

I am not cisgender, nor transgender, nor genderqueer, nor agender, nor bigender, nor any type of the multitudes of endless "gender identities" there are.  I was born a female, everything else is societal bullshit, and nobody on this planet needs to identify with their birth sex, the opposite sex, or something in between.

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